Proverbs 7 Bible Commentary

Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown

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Pr 7:1-27. The subject continued, by a delineation of the arts of strange women, as a caution to the unwary.

1-4. Similar calls (Pr 3:1-3; 4:10, &c.).

2. apple . . . eye--pupil of eye, a custody (Pr 4:23) of special value.

3. Bind . . . fingers--as inscriptions on rings.

5. The design of the teaching (compare Pr 2:16; 6:24).

6. For--or, "Since," introducing an example to illustrate the warning, which, whether a narrative or a parable, is equally pertinent.
window--or, "opening"
looked--literally, "watched earnestly" (Jud 5:28).
casement--or, "lattice."

7. simple--as in Pr 1:4.
void of, &c.--(Compare Pr 6:32).

8. her corner--where she was usually found.
went . . . house--implying, perhaps, confidence in himself by his manner, as denoted in the word
went--literally, "tread pompously."

9. The time, twilight, ending in darkness.
black . . . night--literally, "pupil," or, "eye," that is, middle of night.

10. attire--that of harlots was sometimes peculiar.
subtile--or, "wary," "cunning."

11, 12. loud--or, "noisy," "bustling."
stubborn--not submissive.
without . . . streets, . . . corner--(Compare 1Ti 5:13; Tit 2:5).

13-15. The preparations for a feast do not necessarily imply peculiar religious professions. The offerer retained part of the victim for a feast (Le 3:9, &c.). This feast she professes was prepared for him whom she boldly addresses as one sought specially to partake of it.

16, 17. my bed--or, "couch," adorned in the costliest manner.

17. bed--a place for sleeping.

18-20. There is no fear of discovery.

20. the day appointed--perhaps, literally, "a full moon," that is, a fortnight's time (compare Pr 7:19).

21. caused . . . yield--or, "inclines."
flattering--(Compare Pr 5:3).
forced him--by persuasion overcoming his scruples.

22. straightway--quickly, either as ignorant of danger, or incapable of resistance.

23. Till--He is now caught (Pr 6:26).

24. The inferential admonition is followed (Pr 7:26, 27), by a more general allegation of the evils of this vice.

26, 27. Even the mightiest fail to resist her deathly allurements.