Leviticus 15 Bible Commentary

The Geneva Study Bible

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15:2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When any man hath a running issue out of his a flesh, [because of] his issue he [is] unclean.

(a) Whose seed either in sleeping or else of weakness of nature issues at his secret part.

15:3 And this shall be his uncleanness in his issue: whether his flesh run with his issue, or his flesh be stopped from his issue, it [is] b his uncleanness.

(b) Of the thing of which he shall be unclean.

15:8 And if he that hath the issue spit upon him that is clean; then c he shall wash his clothes, and bathe [himself] in water, and be unclean until the even.

(c) Of whom the unclean man did spit.

15:9 And what d saddle soever he rideth upon that hath the issue shall be unclean.

(d) The word signifies every thing on which a man rides.

15:13 And when he that hath an issue is e cleansed of his issue; then he shall number to himself seven days for his cleansing, and wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in running water, and shall be clean.

(e) That is, be restored to his old state, and be healed of it.

15:16 And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his f flesh in water, and be unclean until the even.

(f) Meaning, all his body.

15:20 And every thing that she lieth upon in g her separation shall be unclean: every thing also that she sitteth upon shall be unclean.

(g) That is, when she has her period, by which she is separate from her husband, from the tabernacle and from touching any holy thing.

15:24 And if any man lie with her at all, and her flowers h be upon him, he shall be unclean seven days; and all the bed whereon he lieth shall be unclean.

(h) If any of her uncleanness touched him in the bed: for else the man that companied with such a woman should die, (20:18).

15:26 Every bed whereon she lieth all the days of her issue shall be unto her as the i bed of her separation: and whatsoever she sitteth upon shall be unclean, as the uncleanness of her separation.

(i) Shall be unclean as the bed on which she lay when she had her natural disease.

15:28 But if she be cleansed of her issue, then she shall k number to herself seven days, and after that she shall be clean.

(k) After the time that she is recovered.

15:31 Thus shall ye l separate the children of Israel from their uncleanness; that they die not in their uncleanness, when they defile my tabernacle that [is] among them.

(l) Seeing that God required purity and cleanliness of his own: we cannot be his, unless our filth and sins are purged with the blood of Jesus Christ, and so we learn to detest all sin.