2 Kings 21 Bible Commentary

The Geneva Study Bible

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21:6 And he made his son a pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards: he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the LORD, to provoke [him] to anger.

(a) Read (
2 Kings 16:3).

21:8 Neither will I make the feet of Israel move any more out of the land which I gave their fathers; only if they will b observe to do according to all that I have commanded them, and according to all the law that my servant Moses commanded them.

(b) Therefore seeing they did not obey the commandment of God, they were justly cast from the land which they had only on condition.

21:12 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Behold, I [am] bringing [such] evil upon Jerusalem and Judah, that whosoever heareth of it, both his ears shall c tingle.

(c) Meaning, that whoever hears of this great plague, will be astonished.

21:13 And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line d of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as [a man] wipeth a dish, wiping [it], and turning [it] upside down.

(d) As I have destroyed Samaria and the house of Ahab so will I destroy Judah.

21:14 And I will forsake the e remnant of mine inheritance, and deliver them into the hand of their enemies; and they shall become a prey and a spoil to all their enemies;

(e) Meaning, Judah and Benjamin, which were the only ones left of the rest of the tribes.

21:16 Moreover Manasseh shed s innocent blood very much, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another; beside his sin wherewith he made Judah to sin, in doing [that which was] evil in the sight of the LORD.

(s) The Hebrews write that he slew Isaiah the prophet, who was his father-in-law.

21:22 And he forsook the LORD God of his fathers, and walked not in the g way of the LORD.

(g) That is, according to his commandment.