Ezekiel 15 The Message Bible

Jerusalem like a Useless Vine

15 1  God's Message came to me: 2  "Son of man, how would you compare the wood of a vine with the branches of any tree you'd find in the forest? 3  Is vine wood ever used to make anything? Is it used to make pegs to hang things from? 4  "I don't think so. At best it's good for fuel. Look at it: a flimsy piece of vine, thrown in the fire and then rescued - the ends burned off and the middle charred. Now is it good for anything? 5  "Hardly. When it was whole it wasn't good for anything. Half-burned is no improvement. What's it good for? 6  "So here's the Message of God, the Master: Like the wood of the vine I selected from among the trees of the forest and used as fuel for the fire, just so I'll treat those who live in Jerusalem. 7  I am dead set against them. Even though at one time they got out of the fire charred, the fire's going to burn them up. When I take my stand against them, you'll realize that I am God. 8  I'll turn this country into a wilderness because they've been faithless." Decree of God, the Master.

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