What Are We to Do When the Circumstances of Life Become Giants?

The overwhelming world is nothing compared to faith and trust in God. It is not by our own merit or what we can do; it is through the grace of God that we can face any circumstance that the world throws at us.

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Updated Dec 09, 2022
What Are We to Do When the Circumstances of Life Become Giants?

What are some things that happen in our lives that we might consider to be “big” issues? I do not necessarily mean something in physical size but in size of importance. Buying a house? Buying an automobile? Having a baby?

For those who are or may have been in the military, getting a promotion to the next highest rank is a big issue.

For example, when I was promoted to chief petty officer, this was a substantial step into upper management, not just in performing a specific type of job function but also in learning how to lead other medical people in the performance of their duties.

Switching from managing a medical department of a company-sized level unit with 100-150 personnel to managing the medical department of a regimental level unit which included its own personnel of 100-150, but also incorporated 14 other units across the USA with 1,400-2,100 personnel.

Then there was the issue of the relocation itself, moving from one state to another. Looking for a place to live, learning the new area, leaving what we knew to someplace that we knew nothing about.

I could go on and on about having to face big prominent issues during my military career, but other military people have faced similar situations, and those not affiliated with the military have faced similar “big” issues as well.

Facing Our Giants

It is in the “how” we face those “big” issues that are important. The phrase “making a mountain out of a molehill” comes to mind. I heard that quite a lot during my childhood, and maybe some of you have heard it as well.

For those not familiar with the phrase, it refers to someone who makes a big issue out of something that someone else would consider trivial.

To that other person, the issue may not be as important to him, or he is able to manage or process the issue in a different manner so as not to cause excessive worry or stress upon himself.

Let us now look at our Scripture: 1 Samuel 17. In the times of the Exodus, a substantial portion of the Israelites had been reluctant to enter the Promised Land due to the giants living there (Numbers 13:32-33).

King Og of Bashan required a bed more than 13 feet in length (Deuteronomy 3:11). Presently, Goliath, almost 10 feet tall, provoked Israel's officers and seemed invulnerable to them.

Saul, the tallest of the Israelites, may have been particularly stressed on the grounds that he was clearly the best counterpart for Goliath. In any case, in God's eyes, Goliath was the same as any other person.

A military force frequently kept away from the significant expense of fighting by setting its most prolific fighter in opposition to the enemy’s most prolific fighter.

This prevented incredible carnage on the grounds that the victor of the fight was viewed as the champion of the overall battle.

Goliath enjoyed an unmistakable benefit against David from a human angle. However, Goliath did not understand that in battling David, he additionally was in battle with God.

What a distinction a change in perspective can make. The majority of the spectators just saw a giant man. In any case, David saw a human man resisting the all-powerful God.

He realized that he would not be by himself when he confronted Goliath. God would battle with him. He checked out his circumstance according to God's perspective.

Responding to the Circumstances of Life

Seeing unthinkable circumstances, according to God's perspective, assists us with placing monster issues in context. When we begin to clearly focus on the situation, we can then face the battle all the more efficiently.

David incurred criticism, which did not stop him. While the remainder of the military unit waited around, he knew the significance of making a move. With God to battle for him, there was no explanation to stand by.

Individuals might attempt to dissuade us with negative remarks or with ridicule, yet we ought to keep on doing what we know is correct. By making the right decisions, we will be satisfying God, whose assessment matters most.

Have you ever wondered why David picked “five smooth stones out of the brook?” Certain individuals would accept that David picked these five smooth stones so that, assuming he missed his original shot, he would have the option to utilize one or more stones as a whole.

I do not think that David had any intention of missing. So why did he pick five stones? If we take a look at 2 Samuel 21:15-22, we might be able to track down the response. Goliath had four sons, and David was certain that after he killed their father, they would come for him.

This would have been a standard custom to retaliate for the demise of a relative. But if we look at the aspect of biblical numbers, the number five represents the goodness of God or the grace of God, and grace is what God bestowed upon David that day.

There is a whole lesson on the spiritual meaning of the number five, but that is for another time.

Goliath addresses the world, and David addresses the adherent to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are rebuked, "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them” (1 John 2:15).

We are on the planet, yet are not of it. What a distinction there is between David and Samson. Samson regarded the Philistines as companions, and he even wedded one of them. David regarded Goliath as a foe.

The world framework is the foe of the believer today. This incorporates all legislatures, every single instructive program, and amusement. If we look at the world through spiritual eyes, we can see how it attempts to draw us away and keep us away from God.

What is interesting is that David's confidence empowered him to go out and face and vanquish Goliath.

for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith (1 John 5:4).

It is the very illustration that Joshua learned at Jericho. Joshua learned that the fight was not his, but the fight belongs to the Lord (2 Chronicles 20:15-17).

David likewise discovered that he was unable to utilize the weapons of this world to take on the conflict.

He needed to utilize his own weapons and techniques, those which God had prepared him to utilize. Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us what weapons and armament we are to have in our possession.

How Does This Apply to Us Today?

Christians today should realize that the overwhelming world is nothing compared to faith and trust in God. It is not by our own merit or what we think that we can do, but it is through the mercy and grace of God that we can face any circumstance that the world throws at us.

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