What Advice Do You Have for New Christians?

May 04, 2018
What Advice Do You Have for New Christians?

Advice for New Christians

The advice that I give new Christians is the advice that I give those who don't yet know Christ but are coming into our community, beginning to seek and ask questions. 

I would encourage new Christians specifically to be reading The Bible, to seek to understand it and the God that it reveals as much as they can, and to get help in that process. To pray, to seek God, to plead with God to open your eyes to see and to believe, if you are struggling or if you're seeking. But to remain in prayer, to remain in fellowship with other brothers and sisters. 

This, of course, breaks out into everything from worshiping together on The Lord's Day, to sharing life together in the context of a smaller community group. That context of fellowship is key, I think, that there isn't going to be much growth, that there won't be much discipleship going on outside of true community in the church. 

But then also, what I think often gets neglected is get involved ... For new Christians especially, to get involved in the mission that God has given The Church, which is to make disciples. So to participate at every level that they can in seeking to help others come to know this gospel message, that is for this life and the life to come. 


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