How Can I Overcome Sin?

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Joe Coffey
How Can I Overcome Sin?

In this video, Joe Coffey explains how we can hope to overcome sin:

How to Overcome Sin

I would say there are three basic questions that are the most important questions. Who is Jesus? What did he come to do, what has he done? And then how shall I live? And all those questions are really connected. So if somebody says to me, "Boy I'm a Christian, how do I keep from sin? How do I lead a holy life?"

I would say well you've got to remind yourself all the time of the first two questions, because the third question you can't do on your own, anymore than you can get saved on your own, so you've gotta remind yourself of who Jesus is, and what he has done. And then you live your life accordingly. 

So that's one of the reasons in the book we go back to grace every time, is because that's the secret. In every chapter you ought to be able to see who Jesus is, what he did. And then how you live I think comes more naturally out of those questions. Because you need, the gospel has to go deep if you're really going to change.

I think what happens to a lot of people when they get saved, is then they start to forget who Jesus ... They think, "Okay, I got who Jesus is, what he did. Now I'm going to buckle down, I'm going to be a good person now." And I'm just going, one that doesn't work. You'll blow up in time. Or you'll get to be one of the Christians nobody really likes. There's a lot of those. 

But in order for you to become a gracious person that's filled grace, you gotta remind yourself of the gospel. The gospel is not just the beginning, it's the A-Z, it's everything. You can't ever lose track of that.

Originally published November 13, 2012.