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Did you mean portman, pullman ?
  • "Staggering the Moral Imagination"

    The abortion rate in New York City is an alarming reality that, as Albert Mohler says, "staggers the moral imagination."

  • Advent as an Antidote to Christian Boredom

    Advent can be an antidote to the sinful slip into apathy, helping us to be astounded at the glory of God.

  • The Audacity of Christmas

    Consider the staggering promise of 1 Corinthians 3:21 to Christians. It says, “all things are yours” by virtue of being in Christ. Breathtaking. How can this be?

  • Has Jesus Christ Come Again?

    Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda claims to be “the Man Christ Jesus.” In fact, when you go to his ministry’s Web site it loads with the audio of Miranda declaring these words: “To some I came as a thief in the night. To others I came as who I am, the Man Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ is here for the second time!”

  • The Music of Christmas

    I love Christmas music. Of course, not all Christmas music is created equal.