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  • Read the Fine Print Before Supporting “Marriage Equality”

    Those of us who continue to advocate for the traditional definition of marriage are painted as mean-spirited and regressive. Still, informed citizens ought to consider the implications of overhauling one definition of marriage and replacing it with another.

  • The Glory of God in the Goodness of Marriage

    Our chief end is to glorify God -- and marriage is a means of His greater glory. But sadly, marriage is not greatly respected in our postmodern culture -- or even among Christians.

  • Mixed Messages on Marriage

    Is marriage good for children and families, or not? Does it really matter whether Tripp's parents, Bristol Palin and Levy Johnston, get married? Research says yes.

  • Straight, Bible-Believing Christians Can Undermine God’s Plan for Marriage Too

    Sometimes the loudest public proponents for marriage actually undermine it themselves.

  • Has a Seed of Divorce Been Planted in Your Marriage?

    In my marriage and in your marriage and in every marriage, there is already the seed of divorce. But will we water the seed?

  • Killing Off Marriage? Dr. Ablow Reports — You Decide

    Marriage is so essential to human happiness and to the organization of human society that it simply cannot be ignored or denied.

  • The Meaning of Marriage

    It must be intimidating to write a book on marriage. To rise above such a crowded field a book needs to offer something different, something unique. Tim and Kathy Keller have jumped into the fray with their book The Meaning of Marriage and the distinguishing feature of their book is a deep gospel-centeredness.

  • Why Christians Don’t Want Government Defining Marriage

    The issue of marriage with particular reference to a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage is dangerous for conservative Christians who disagree with the majority who are in favor of such an amendment. It’s dangerous in that one who is not in favor of banning homosexual marriage is considered to be in favor of homosexual marriage, liberal, and unbiblical, none of which is the case . . .

  • Marriage and Life Lessons - Alternative View - September 5

  • Guard Your Marriage against the Subtle Serpent

    Maybe you’re wondering, “What’s so special about my marriage that the devil himself is out to ruin it?” Here’s the bottom line: Your marriage is God’s creation, and your family is God’s joy.