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  • So You Wanna Be Influential: Time Magazine and What Really Matters

    If you have lots of wealth, power, and star appeal, you might make Time?s most influential list. But I?m guessing Jesus? most influential list would use different criteria. Stay tuned to BreakPoint.

  • Time Magazine Pulls the Oldest Trick in the Book

    Time magazine is attempting to pull off a sneaky ruse on Evangelical Christians with an article headlined, "How Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds On Gay Marriage."

  • Time Magazine Denies Climate Change Deniers: Why 'Settled Science' Won?t Get Us Anywhere

    On Friday, tens of thousands of students around the world staged a walk out, leaving their classes to demand action on climate change. Well, some students walked out. Many school districts, including across the state of New York, just gave students the day off to join in the protests. It?s still unclear how many students joined the protests and how many enjoyed an extra day off.

  • The 'Best' Religious Joke

    GQ Magazine once highlighted the greatest jokes. One was religious in nature.

  • Spring Break from Disney

    Former Disney star Ashley Benson is busy promoting a racy R-rated film, "Spring Breakers," which features (among other things) a threesome scene. And if that's not bad enough, it's being promoted via a cover story in Seventeen Magazine, a magazine which has openly shared that they target girls as young as 12.

  • The Playboy Grave

    Playboy magazine has decided to end printing the pictures of fully naked women. So as many have been joking, if you really did read it just for the articles you?re in luck.

  • Empire or Cow Town? National Geographic Looks at the Kingdom of David & Solomon

    Archaeology is not an exact science and is heavily influenced by ideological interests. It may sell magazines and make for interesting reading, but it cannot prove nor disprove the Bible.

  • What Happened to Respect for Heroism?

    Is nothing sacred to the cultural elite? What I saw recently in my university?s alumni magazine sure makes me wonder.

  • WORLD Magazine Names its Book of the Year

    I?m a parent. And I?m a writer. And I care about what my daughter reads. Today I?ll tell you about the ?Children?s book of the year.?

  • A Skeptic's Skepticism Wavers

    ?I just witnessed an event so mysterious that it shook my skepticism.? That from Michael Shermer, founder of The Skeptic Society and editor of Skeptic, its official magazine.