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  • Does God Care about My Financial Problems?

    Debt or financial struggles, whether caused by sin or unforeseeable circumstances, can inspire trust, faith, peace, and discernment. Wealth and want can be temptations to idolize money or self-discipline, or they can lead one into a deeper relationship with God.

  • Is There Power in the Name of Jesus?

    The name “Jesus” is not a magic word given to Christians as a means of bringing trivial or ungodly matters to fruition. We do not call on his name in order to entertain or exploit. When we use His name in power and miracles happen, He is glorified, not us. Christians are instructed to call on Jesus’ name for protection, comfort, and in order to serve others.

  • How Can We Give Thanks in All Things?

    It helps to remember we are being asked not to give thanks “for everything” but “in everything.” This is an important distinction. It is important to have a grateful and positive heart that thanks God for life or other blessings in spite of our present situation.

  • Why Do Some People Claim That Christmas Is a Pagan Holiday?

    Christmas isn’t about what we get under the tree but who Jesus is in our lives and what his birth meant for us centuries after his resurrection. It’s the yearly reminder that he sacrificed his life so that we could be reunited with our heavenly Father, where the excitement of Christmas can be felt eternally.

  • Why Is it Always Darkest Before the Dawn and Is it True for COVID-19?

    Right now, life as we know it seems very dark. Most of us are scared because we don’t know how long this is will last, but the sun always rises. The day always dawns. The darkness doesn’t get the final say. God does (Psalm 46:5).

  • How Ruth Was an Absolute Trailblazer in the Bible

    Ruth’s faithfulness to her mother-in-law and her newfound faith bore historic results. There are only five women listed in the genealogy of Jesus. Each one has a historic story and Ruth is one of them.

  • On Second Thought -- Why Mother's Day Is a Bad Idea

    Americans have celebrated Mother's Day for over a century, and the observance has grown to become one of the nation's most popular annual events. But is it good for motherhood?

  • Why You're Needed to Pray for Our Persecuted Brethren

  • Ida Sophia Scudder: Reluctant Missionary

  • Why Are Christians Hated So Much?

    Our culture seems to love the new atheists, the philosophers, authors, and comedians who launch vile diatribes against Christians and their God. Why?