The Lamb of God?

Charles Stanley

We use many names for Jesus - Messiah, the Christ, Prophet, Preacher, Teacher, and King, among others. But one name, Lamb of God, stands out as comprehensively describing the Lord's purpose. Most people consider something they create or accomplish to be their greatest achievement. But Jesus' greatest act was to die.

His sacrifice was the heart of the Father's plan for mankind. Since the beginning, God has dealt with the sins of His people through sacrifice. In the Garden of Eden, He offered the first sacrifice when He killed an animal to use its skin as coverings for Adam and Eve. The fig leaves they were wearing could cover their bodies but could not cover their sin.

Leviticus 17:11 tells us that the life is in the blood, and Ezekiel 18:4 says, "The soul who sins will die." Sin always requires death because of the righteousness and holiness of God. Either a life must end as payment for sin, or a life must be given as payment for another's wrongdoing.

God has always dealt with sin through sacrifice. Jesus came as the sin-bearer for the whole world - He assumed the full responsibility for all of our sin and guilt so that we can be free from punishment. By His wounds, we are made righteous and holy in the eyes of God.

The name Lamb of God is important because it speaks of the substitutionary death wherein God unleashed His full fury and righteous judgment upon Jesus. But thanks to the Savior's sacrifice, we can stand before God and say, "Thank You that I can call You my Father."

Excerpted from "The Lamb of God" by In Touch Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published June 03, 2010.