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Will the Second Coming of Jesus Be Physical or Spiritual?

Senior Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship
Updated Feb 12, 2024

(Transcript of the video above, edited for readability)

The second coming of Jesus Christ. Is this going to be physical or spiritual?

Answer: it will be physical. The first coming of Christ was physical and the second coming will be as well. Now, it is true that Jesus indwells every believer when they put their faith in him. But the fact of the matter is since his ascension, Jesus has been bodily in heaven at the right hand of the Father. Remember when Stephen was given a glimpse of glory? He looked up and he said, "Look, I see Jesus standing on the right hand of God." Normally we read of him sitting, but in this case, he was standing. But that is where he has been bodily.

But at the second coming, Christ returns bodily to the earth. In fact, that's addressed in Acts 1. As the apostles are looking up in the sky, as Christ descends, the angel says. "This same Jesus will come back in the same way to this earth."


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