Wisdom from the Psalms 9/25

September 25
Psalm 119:15
I will meditate on thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways.
Carol had never thought of meditation as a part of her Christian life. Meditation was something the Eastern faiths believed in, or so she'd always thought. But the speaker at the church had begun talking about Christian meditation, and it made a lot of sense. So often her prayer time was hurried, and she often didn't even stop to listen, to see if God might be trying to get through to her. In the ensuing weeks, Carol began to meditate daily, and she felt a closeness to God that she'd never known before.
Meditation sets our whole mind and spirit in a proper mood for encountering God. We are made ready for hearing the Word of God in our hearts. It also makes it easier to spend time with God. Meditation opens doors to God that we might have missed before. Take time to quietly contemplate the glories of the Lord.
Prayer: I need to be quiet and think of the many miracles that go on all around me. Come to me in my peace, O Lord, and share the blessings of the calm. Amen.

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