The Weekly Focal Point - July 5

Glorify Christ

It is amazing to me how little effort we Christians commonly put into our work and service for Christ. When the world puts on a dinner for a band of politicians, a red carpet premier for an ensemble of actors, or an awards banquet for a varied group of athletes, the world pulls out all the stops. They give attention to every detail of their programs, they tirelessly rehearse every aspect of their events, and they tenaciously promote and defend the importance of their causes. But in reality their causes mean next to nothing compared to the surpassing greatness of the Person we Christians claim to serve and promote. It is a shame that for much of the church “okay” is good enough. There was a time when Christians were expected to give Christ their best, whether it was their time, their effort, or their sacrifice. And it’s past time to bring that expectation back. So this week, give God your best. Go the extra mile, spend the extra dollar, and stay the extra hour to make your service to Jesus Christ the best it can possibly be.

-- Pastor Mike

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