The Weekly Focal Point - April 6, 2017

Spiritual Famine

God spoke to a spiritually declining nation through the prophet Amos, predicting a terrible disaster which was fast approaching the borders of Israel. It was not an earthquake, flood or storm, but rather it was the worst kind of calamity that could ever befall a people. His forecast called for a famine. But, God said it was “not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord” (Am.8:11).

Amos, the farmer turned prophet, knew how devastating it could be when a nation’s farmlands were deprived their needed rain. So God chose him to prophesy about the even more profound devastation that occurs when God’s people are deprived of God’s word. It was true then, and it is true now – vibrant spiritual lives and biblically generous pulpits go hand-in-hand. But when people harden their hearts to the study and preaching of his word, God brings a famine. Yes, healthy pulpits can produce healthy Christians, but we must realize that negligent and disobedient Christians indirectly cause a scarcity of healthy pulpits.

With that concern in mind and to avoid all such famines, may we be sure to maintain an appetite for meaty biblical exposition. And between our gatherings may we often find ourselves voraciously reading, studying and memorizing God’s life-giving words.

-- Pastor Mike


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