The Weekly Focal Point - April 18, 2019

End Times

A thoughtful view of God’s plan for the consummation of this era ought to infuse our hearts with ample amounts of hope and courage to face our daily challenges. Much like the despised but courageous ban of Israelites who rallied around God’s yet-to-be-enthroned “king” David in 1 Samuel 22, we can take heart that one day “every knee will bow” and “every tongue confess” that the King we now follow is the Lord of all (Phil.2:9-11). More than that, we can be sure that his perfect governance will be firmly established and all the blessings he has promised for his followers will be fully realized (Rev.11:17-18; Heb.1:8).

So when life is tough, injustice prevails, the bad guys win and Christians are despised and maligned, take heart! Jesus has earned the right to take charge of this world and one day soon he certainly will. And when he does, his followers will bask in the joy and satisfaction of their King setting everything right and making all things new (Lk.3:5-6; Rev.21:5)!

--Pastor Mike


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Originally published April 18, 2019.