Time with God - January 4

Monday, 4 January 2021

Psalm 119:113-120

“I hate the double-minded, but I love your law.” (v. 113)

God will never be satisfied to have just a part of your life!

Every person has an underlying controlling motive in life—something they are living for. This controlling motive sometimes may lie dormant and not be obvious. But whenever it is threatened it rises to the surface.

For some people the controlling motive is getting more money. If that’s your controlling motive, then when the opportunity comes to get a significant amount of money, you’ll be willing to lay aside relationships, your moral standards, your relationship with God, almost anything.

Those who “love God’s law” also have a controlling motive. Pleasing God is what matters to them and they too will sacrifice other things in order to please God.

But the double-minded person tries to have two controlling motives! He or she wants to be in touch with God, wants to please God, wants to be a Christian, but also wants to have something else as their first love.

God wants you to know that this way of life never works. You cannot serve God and something else at the same time. Your life needs to have integrity to hold together. People who know you should always be able to count on what you live for, whether it is God or something else.

When choosing what to live for, I hope you choose God.

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