Preaching Daily - August 30

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Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17

Building a Preaching Team – Part II: Calendars, Rhythms and Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Ross Lester

Some time ago I wrote about some of the reasons that we were beginning to pursue a preaching team strategy at BBC. You can find that article here. It got a fairly significant and diverse response from right across the world. The responses mixed from applause to cynicism, but behind all of those responses lay a few common questions. How are you actually going to implement that? How does it all work in practicality? What do your meeting rhythms look like? How do you plan the calendar?

So, today I wanted to share some of the simple things that we have been doing with the team here. We certainly aren’t experts, but we are seeing some real fruit of development and growth in the team through our efforts. I am sure that this would need to be adapted to your context to make it fit, and I am also sure that there will be some practical things that we won’t do a year from now as we will find more effective means of achieving the same ends, but this is a reflection of how we currently operate.

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