"God’s Word for Your Marriage" - PowerPoint - Aug. 26, 2010


God's Word for your marriage

August 26, 2010

"What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate."

--Mark 10:9

God created marriage to be a permanent union.

Now that may shock you if you adhere to the notion of disposable marriages so readily accepted by most of culture. But when you look at today's verse of Scripture, you can clearly see that God intended for marriages to endure.

To separate the union is like the cutting in half of a body... one life. It breaks and destroys the sanctity and the sacredness of the marriage institution created by God. Divorce defames, destroys, and distorts the creative work God put together. Lifelong oneness is God's plan. Marriage is a perfect and precious treasure from God.

Marriage is so valuable that God has done everything he can do to protect us from the destruction that divorce causes. In fact, two of the Ten Commandments address marriage. God told us not to commit adultery and not to covet our neighbor's wife (or husband).

To keep these commandments is to protect the holiness, sanctity, and commitment of your marriage and to avoid the abuse of your marriage by adultery.

Now you might say, "Pastor, that's the ideal, but that's not the way it is. People aren't perfect."  And that's true; we're not perfect.

But God doesn't expect perfection. He does, however, expect obedience. So there's a choice to make. The world's view or God's standard.

I urge you: choose God's standard, God's way, and what Scripture says about marriage.



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