Moments with You Couples Devotional 4/7


Parenting on Purpose

That you and your son and your grandson might fear the LORD your God. - DEUTERONOMY 6:2 

Many of us adopt the world’s view in how we raise our children: We believe that responsible parenting means making sure they go to the best schools, wear the best clothes and participate in numerous outside activities so that they’ll grow into successful adults with well-paying jobs. Sure, we want to build our children’s character, but we don’t know exactly how to do it. In short, we lack a true, biblical vision for parenting. 
In Deuteronomy 6, God reveals why He commands parents to be fruitful— to have godly children who will pass on a godly legacy by connecting one generation to the next. This is why our best hope for renewal in a culture of weakening character and ethics is the restoration of godly homes. The home is the best place for a child to learn about God. I admit it is sobering to bring children into a decadent society like ours. But in God’s timing, your children will become His agents in advancing His agenda on Earth. As parents, you need to recapture the biblical imperative that parenting is a sacred calling and that children are worth the effort! God has selected parents for a work the angels must envy—the stewardship of a child’s soul.
Centuries ago Otto Brunfel wrote, “If one wants to reform the world and make it Christian, one must begin with children.” Now is the time to rise above the chaos and regain a vision for parenting—biblical parenting. From God’s point of view, raising children is a high and holy calling. They are the living legacy you will send to the future. 
See if you can name two or three biblical goals you want to see achieved in your children. Then match them up with at least one action point you can take to begin seeing your desired results. 
Ask God to give you wisdom in being purposeful as the parent of your children. Commit to beginning each morning with your parenting goals and priorities in mind. If your children are grown, pray for them as adults and for their children daily. 

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