Moments with You Couples Devotional 12/28


The Goodness of God

What shall I render to the LORD for all His benefits toward me? PSALM 116:12

We closed our first year-long devotional book with a letter written by a man named Obadiah Holmes to his nine children in the late 1600s. As we near the close of this book, we'd like to share another letter Obadiah wrote to his wife, tenderly exhorting her to remember a full lifetime of God's faithfulness. As you read it, notice what was important after nearly a half-century of marriage:

My heart has cleaved to you ever since we came together, and is knit to you in death, which is the cause of these lines as a reminder of God's goodness to us in keeping us together almost fifty years. God has made all our conditions comfortable to us, whether in fullness or emptiness, lifted up or thrown down, in honor or disgrace, sickness or health, by giving us contentment and love for one another. We have every reason while we live to praise His holy name while we are together. And when death does separate us, may the one still breathing praise Him while breath remains.

Therefore, having some thought that I may go away before you, having signs that my day is but short and it may be that I cannot speak to you at the last, I shall give you some considerations for your meditation—that they may speak when I cannot.

Consider how the Lord carried you along ever since you came into this world. He has provided for you and preserved you in many dangers, and has given you food and raiment with contentment. He has increased our store, sometimes to our wonder, also continuing our health in very great measure. He has given us a great posterity, and has provided for them in a comfortable manner.

Like Obadiah did in this letter, make a point of frequently encouraging each other by reciting the great deeds of God, reflecting back on those spiritual milestones that prove His long-term faithfulness.


How has God provided for you "sometimes to [your] wonder"? See if you can list 5 to 10 ways each.


Give thanks for God's constant provision, care and attention to your needs.  

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