Moments with You Couples Devotional 11/16


Open Arms

He makes the barren woman abide in the house as a joyful mother of children. PSALM 113:9 

Recently a young man named Ryan shared with me this very personal story:

When my sister was born, there were problems during my mom's pregnancy that made her unable to have more children. So my parents decided to pray for a miracle. They got down on their knees and prayed at the side of their bed every night for an entire year, but nothing happened. One year turned into two. Two quickly turned into three. Three turned into four.

Four years of praying. Four years of hurting. Still, nothing happened.

Right about that time, there was a young couple in high school. They had been dating for a while, but the girl said, "This isn't the guy I want to
marry, and if I'm not going to marry him, I don't want to keep dating him."

So they broke up. But a short time later, she found out she was pregnant with his baby. She didn't know what to do—didn't know if she should tell her parents, didn't want them to be upset or mad or disappointed.

Finally, she just couldn't take it anymore. She broke down one night and told them. They didn't know what to do either. They already had four
kids. One more mouth wasn't going to help things. . . . They started meeting with a counselor, looking at options, shedding a lot of tears, and try
ing to decide what to do.

But the Lord took my parents' inability to have more kids, and He took that young couple's high-school indiscretion, and He meshed them
together. On August 31, 1970, my parents, Jim and Shirley, brought me home from an adoption center.

That's how I became a Dobson.

That's the power of prayer. That's the power of adoption. And that's the power of a family.


Infertility strikes so close to the heart, but talk about adoption is its redemptive response.


Ask God to increasingly make Christian families like yours available and open—havens of hope to millions of orphans. And if you know an infertile couple, please pray for them.  

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Originally published November 16, 2018.