Moments with You Couples Devotional 10/7


Seek God, Not Sin

Seek good and not evil, that you may live. AMOS 5:14

Over the next seven days, I want to walk you through what I call "the seven non-negotiables of life"—biblical benchmarks that are true simply because He is true.

We're familiar with some of the non-negotiables of our lives. For example, when we buy an automobile, we also get an owner's manual that outlines the maintenance schedule for keeping the car in good working order. If we follow the plan, we should enjoy many years of reliable use of the car. But if we maintain the car improperly, we can expect big trouble—and probably at a time when we least expect it and can least afford it.

The same is true in life. Depending on how we treat God's non-negotiables, they will either protect us or destroy us.

So . . . ready to go?

Non-negotiable Number One: Seek God, Not Sin

One of the great hymns of the Church that always strikes me with its profound truth is the song "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing." The lyric from this hymn that probes at the deepest level of honesty and understanding is this line: "Prone to wander—Lord, I feel it; prone to leave the God I love."

Does that resonate with you as it does with me? Even when we are genuinely denying ourselves and experiencing nearness to Christ, we still know—deep down—that this never happens without a struggle. We are "prone to wander." O Lord, how we feel it.

This is why God steps out of eternity to tell us in His Word, "Seek good and not evil, that you may live." He is the life giver. And though our feet are indeed made of clay, our souls know that life is only found in one place—in Christ, in God, through the righteousness given to us at new birth.

Seek God, not sin. And live.


Share how you've "wandered" in the past. What is an example of how we are prone to seek sin rather than God?


Pray for one another that your hearts will seek God and that when you or your children do wander, it will not be a lengthy journey.  

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