Moments with You Couples Devotional 1/14


Flour Power

I SAIAH 46:1
The things that you carry are burdensome

A few years ago, I went on my first real diet. My doctor told me that even though I wasn't carrying an enormous amount of weight, a guy at my age with my family history and combination of vital statistics was headed toward an encounter with Type II diabetes. He got my attention. So I did it. I backed off the desserts, watched the carbs, ramped up the exercise routine and dropped 25 pounds in about 4 months. I felt great. One day it occurred to me, "No wonder I used to be out of breath after climbing 2 measly flights of steps at the office! When you're carrying a 25-pound sack of flour around your waist, it's bound to wear you down throughout the day."

But this devotion really isn't about dieting. It's about the other "bags" we carry around: Past sexual sin. A history of abuse. An affair. Irrational fears. Old secrets. Hidden sin. These are the bags we don't want to unpack. Things too dark to expose and admit. The problem is that the longer we carry one of these burdens, the heavier it becomes.

One man I know had been carrying his secret for over a decade. As he confessed it to me, it was clear that he needed to be cleansed from the weight of his immoral indiscretion.

A woman was embittered toward her mother. When she finally forgave her mother, she experienced the very best kind of instant weight loss.

Are you going to keep carrying your baggage? Or are you going to drop the weight by dealing with it, talking about it and beginning to process it together? Venture out courageously to seek the Lord together—as husband and wife—for His help and healing.

It may be the best weight you ever lose.


I know this is serious. But are you carrying the weight of past sins or experiences that are draining your freedom as a person and as a couple? Talk about it with God and your spouse.


Pray for openness; pray for understanding; pray for God to give you forgiveness and peace.

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