Who Do We See in Boaz? - Love Worth Finding - September 5

September 5, 2022 – Who Do We See in Boaz? 

Ruth 2:1 

Sermon: 2087 – God’s Amazing Grace 

Pray Over This 

“There was a relative of Naomi’s husband, a man of great wealth, of the family of Elimelech. His name was Boaz.” 

Ruth 2:1 

Ponder This 

Consider how Boaz was a picture of Christ. Number one: he was from Bethlehem, as was the Lord Jesus. Number two: he was a near kinsman to Ruth, as Jesus is a near kinsman to us. He acted as a near kinsman to redeem us. That’s why Jesus stepped out of the ivory palaces and came into this world of woe and was born of a virgin’s womb. He took flesh and blood to be made like His brethren. Further, to redeem, you had to be wealthy enough. You had to have no obligations against you, you could not be bankrupt yourself. Boaz was a wealthy man, and all the riches of Heaven reside in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Not only did you have to be a near kinsman, and not only did you have to be wealthy enough to redeem, but you had to be willing to redeem. And the Lord Jesus, thank God, was willing to redeem, just as Boaz was willing to redeem. Boaz came to the fields where Ruth was, just as Jesus came to where I am. Boaz redeemed Ruth, but he also pointed to Jesus who is the Redeemer for the whole world. 

  • How does it help you grow in worship of Jesus to see examples like Boaz that pointed to His coming?
  • How are we called to move toward others as Boaz moved toward Ruth and Jesus moved toward us?

Practice This 

Go to someone today who you know needs to hear the Good News of redemption.

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