Helping a Hurting Friend: Body Language - Living Free - September 10

Helping a Hurting Friend: Body Language

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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Today's Scripture
"Let us have real warm affection for one another as between brothers …" 
Romans 12:10   Phillips

Thoughts for Today
Yesterday we looked at the importance of developing the quality of empathy in order to more effectively help a loved one struggling with a problem. Another essential quality is warmth.

Genuine warmth is communicated more by our actions than by what we actually say. Speaking the right words will most likely be totally ineffective if our body language reflects condemnation or impatience or if we seem distracted or unfocused.

A caring tone of voice, eye contact, non-possessive touch, pleasant facial expressions, friendly gestures and a relaxed stance impart a sense of warmth and caring. A warm voice and a caring touch can bring peace and calmness to a brokenhearted person. Warmth communicates openness and lessens defensiveness.

Consider this … 
When planning to meet with a hurting friend, set aside a time for the meeting when you can focus and not feel rushed. Pray for your friend before you meet. Ask God to make you sensitive to the need. This preparation will help you show the warmth of caring. You won't just be saying words—your heart attitude will be reflected in body language that will help create an environment for encouragement and healing.

Father, help me help my friend. May my heart be filled with your compassion and may my body language reflect the warmth of caring. In all ways, help me demonstrate real warm affection. In Jesus' name …

These thoughts were drawn from …Understanding the Times and Knowing What to Do by Dr. Jimmy Ray Lee. This book offers biblical strategies for ministry to our family and friends. Contemporary issues and needs faced by society are addressed with biblical principles that are timeless. Ideal for small group leaders and Sunday school teachers who want a better understanding of ministry in an addictive culture.


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