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Leaves of Life - October 12


  • Columbus discovered America 1492.
  • Lyman Beecher born 1775.
  • George W. Cable born 1844.
  • Helena Modjeska born 1844.

One poor day!
Remember whose and how short it is!
It is God's day, it is Columbus's.
One day with life and heart is more than time enough to found a world.

—James Russell Lowell.

An illusion haunts us, that a long duration, as a year, a decade, a century, is valuable. But an old French sentence says, "God works in moments." We ask for long life, but 'tis deep life or grand moments that signify. Let the measure of Time be spiritual, not mechanical. Life is unnecessarily long. Moments of insight, of fine personal relation, a smile, a glance—what ample borrowers of eternity they are!
—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day
—2 Peter 3. 8.

My Father, I pray that when the "sun sets to-day my hope may not set with it." Be with me earlier than the dawn, that I may plan with thee a new day. I pray that thou wilt release me from anything that keeps me from reaching the highest. Amen.

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Originally published October 12, 2019.