Leaves of Life - November 26


  • Sir William Ware born 1594.
  • John Elwes died 1789.
  • John Loudoun Macadam died 1836.

I'd like a way
To change the clouds that bring us sorrow,
And build to-day a bright to-morrow;
To banish cares that tarry long,
And have the days like the blue-bird's song—
I'd like a way.
I'll find a way—
I'll set sail when the breeze is high,
And calmly drift when pleasure's nigh;
I'll steer a course afar from tears,
And take in joy the coming years—
I'll find a way.
I've lost the way!
Out through the gloom a beam of light
Looks like a purpose looming bright!
Up with the sail! I'll out to sea
And bring that purpose back with me,
Or go its way.
—M. B. S.

Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness: He is gracious, and merciful, and righteous. 

—Psalm 112. 4.


My Father, I pray that I may not through indifference wander without a purpose, or through discouragement stumble through the darkness. May I be drawn to the light by the vision of hopeful and useful days. Amen.

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