Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018) in His Most Inspiring Quotes

Leaves of Life - December 29


  • Thomas a Becket died 1170.
  • Andrew Johnson, Tennessee, seventeenth President United States, born 1808.
  • William E. Gladstone born 1809.
  • Margaret Bottome born 1827.
  • Pauline O. Louise, Queen of Roumania (Carmen Sylva), born 1843.
  • Christina G. Rossetti died 1894.

One example is worth a thousand arguments.
—William E. Gladstone.

One day at a time! That's all it can be

No faster than that is the hardest of fate,

And days have their limit, however we

Begin them too early or stretch them late.

—J. R. Miller.

He lives happy and master of himself

Who can say, as each day passes on,

I have lived! no matter whether to-morrow

The great Father shall give us a clouded sky or a clear day.



Give us this day our daily bread.
—Matthew 6. 11.


Eternal God, guard me against the love of praise, that I may not lose the sense of duty. Start me for the right places and give me strength with my days, that I may press toward their possession. Deliver me from drifting when it is mine to pull against the tide, that I may not be carried out of my course. Shield me from the storms that may gather about me, and bring us all to the desired haven safe in thy keeping. Amen.

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