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Integrity Moments - May 8, 2012



Funding God’s Way
By: Rick Boxx|
May 8, 2012

Years ago I helped Chuck purchase a trash hauling business. In the beginning, Chuck had no cash and the price looked so daunting I wondered if it would ever happen.

Chuck patiently and persistently prayed, built a strong relationship with the seller and waited. It took almost 2 years but Chuck’s patience paid off.

The seller became Chuck’s mentor and decided to sell the business for a fraction of the original price and allowed Chuck to pay it back from the profits over time.

Chuck’s approach reminded me of Nehemiah seeking the King’s blessing and funding to rebuild Jerusalem. In Nehemiah 1:11 Nehemiah prayed, “Give your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man.”

If you’re considering how to fund your business, start with prayer.

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Originally published May 08, 2012.