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Integrity Moments - March 30, 2018

A Simple Observation

Years ago, my office in a bank lobby had a large glass window to the outside. One “Good Friday” had been a lovely sunny day, until early afternoon.

In just moments a total darkness settled over the city. My office filled with people as they came to marvel at the sudden darkness.

A co-worker proclaimed, “This is like the original Good Friday.”

In Luke 23:44 it says, “It was now about ‘the sixth hour, and darkness fell over the whole land until the ninth hour.”

Although I wasn’t yet a follower of Jesus, God penetrated my heart with, “Whether or not you believe in Me, I am real.”  Don’t overlook the impact you can have with a simple observation spoken to others, just as I heard that day years ago.

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Originally published March 30, 2018.