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Integrity Moments - March 16, 2018

St. Patrick’s Legacy

If you ask most people about St. Patrick’s Day, you might hear about drunken Irishmen, leprechauns, and lucky green shamrocks. St. Patrick would likely be appalled at how his legacy is now celebrated.

St. Patrick was a 5th century Irish slave who later escaped and became a Catholic priest. Later, God called Patrick to return to a hedonistic Ireland! For 40 years, Patrick preached the Gospel, planted churches, and led an entire nation towards Christianity.

Although St. Patrick’s legacy was high-jacked, God’s wasn’t. Thousands of lives were impacted eternally by St. Patrick’s ministry.

Psalm 115:1 teaches, “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, But to Your name give glory.”

St. Patrick’s true legacy became about glorifying God. In your work, are you more concerned about your legacy, or God’s?

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Originally published March 16, 2018.