Integrity Moments - December 24, 2014



Christmas Eve 1968
By: Rick Boxx
December 24, 2014

On Christmas Eve 1968 our nation was reeling from a very bad year. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy had been assassinated, and the Vietnam War raged on. But a bright spot surfaced as three brave astronauts orbited the moon.

As the world observed Apollo 8, Astronaut Bill Anders read from the Bible. "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth".

These biblical words caused a firestorm as an atheist went to court to ban any future Bible reading by an astronaut. Instead of the ban, NASA received 2.5 million letters in favor of the astronaut's actions and the court dismissed the suit. This astronaut used his platform to glorify God.

As you consider your influence this Christmas season, how might God use you to impact others?

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