Hands-On Faith - Week of September 30, 2013

Hands-on Faith for Families
Week of September 30, 2013


Outwardly doing what is right is easy, but living out your faith on a daily basis can be difficult. This entails being motivated from the inside and having the courage to do what is right before God and your neighbor. In this reading plan, parents can help their children explore what it means to have a faith that is a part of every moment. It will help kids understand a little more about prayer, obedience, imitating Jesus, the fruit of our actions and sharing our faith.

Share Your Faith

Play: Think of your favorite animal, foodand school subject. Then, give your children clues so they can guess each favorite thing, one at a time. Repeat until each person's favorites have been revealed. 

Talk: If someone asked you why these things are your favorites, you’d probably be able to give them several reasons. Maybe gym class is your favorite because you love to play games, or perhaps pizza is your favorite food because you love all the cheese and toppings. The Bible says we should be ready to give reasons for our faith in God (1 Peter 3:15)—just as we can explain why we love our favorite things. Why do you have hope in Jesus?

Pray: Ask God to help you to share your hope in Christ with others.

—Crystal Brothers



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