Generous Life Devotional - Feb 26, 2014


Walking the Walk

James 2:18

18 But, someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.”

Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.

You can talk the talk. But, can you walk the walk?

That’s the leadership literature buzz-phrase for it, anyway.

In our lives, it is a lot easier to talk about amazing things than it is to live those things daily.

The Bible knows what a struggle it can be to synchronize our beliefs and our actions. And I don’t want you to think I’m saying that it’s supposed to be easy, because Scripture doesn’t say that at all. But, one thing the Bible does say is this, how we live out our beliefs is important.

When James writes his letter, in the second chapter, he describes two people having a sort of hypothetical show down. One says, “I have faith;” but, he has no action to show it. So the second person responds, “I won’t just tell you I have faith, I also have actions that prove my faith.”

Actually, our lives really do play out our real beliefs. What we realize here; however, is how important it is that our life agrees with the beliefs we, as Christians, profess.

This works out in every aspect of our life. But, here, let’s just take generosity, for example.

We can talk all day about how God wants us to be generous and how we are supposed to live generously because God has been so generous to us in the Gospel.

But, then – what?

And so, then – what do we do?

Today’s Generosity Challenge:

As this is the last day in our journey together, I’d encourage you to try something new. Get out a pen and paper. Jot down how you feel you personally should show generosity in your life from here forward. Don’t think you have to bring about world peace; but, just pick some way or ways that you can be generous each day. Then, go do them. And as you do so, pray that the world sees that by God’s grace, you also walk the walk. Make your moving forward pledge here at


Rarely does your generosity motivate others into their own personal life- style of generosity.  But we want to challenge you to encourage others in their generosity and take the ultimate challenge. You’ve seen how the Holy Spirit will deeply change you with daily generosity challenges.

Now, take the ultimate generosity challenge and buy one book for your friends and your pastor. Ask them to read it and take the daily challenge. Imagine what might just happen next.

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