Generous Life Devotional - Apr. 11, 2014

A Generous Wife

Verse: Proverbs 31:20

She opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy.


Over the years, I have been blessed to see my wife, Kim, in action. When you have been married as long as we have, you get to know one another pretty well. You can tell when your spouse is happy, sad, joyful, or even irritated. But what I enjoy most are those moments when I watch generous character win out over all other emotion.

At times, those who have been in public ministry, as we have, encounter folks who don’t agree with them. We have detractors and, at times, some very harsh critics. What I have seen in Kim, though, is that she always tries to be kind, gentle, and gracious to everyone—toward those who have been critical of me, or even toward those she distrusts.

I believe this comes from a deep empathy for human nature that, apart from God and given our own devices, will always do the selfish and self-centered thing.

But the Father, in His wonderful mercy for each of us, saves us from our sinful nature, opens our eyes to the world as He sees it, and equips us to act as He would act. He give us these generous gifts even as we are in no way deserving of them.

When you come to understand this about yourself‒deep within your heart‒generosity becomes not just the right thing; but also the only thing.

Some would say, “Aren’t you afraid someone might take advantage of you?”

I think ‘afraid’ is the wrong word—I know that people will take advantage of us.

Isn’t that the very definition of generosity?

... to give expecting nothing in return,

knowing full well people will take advantage?

... to give because it’s the right thing?

... and for no other reason or motivation?

I know that’s what my wife has demonstrated it to me year after year: She opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy.

It’s good to have Christ’s example living in my home, for me to emulate each day.

Today’s Challenge:

Write down five different observations of a spouse, parent, or friend being generous to others, especially when it was difficult to do so.

What have you learned from those five examples about yourself?

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