God’s Dream for You - Every Man Ministries - August 30

God’s Dream for You

God’s dream for you is to be a doer of God’s will. That’s opposed to being a:

Discusser of His will — Debater of His will — Dissector of His will — Deflector of His will — Delayer of His will — Dealmaker of His will — Doubter of His will.

This life of doing the Father’s will is a combination of promise and persecution, blessing and suffering. Our fraternity accepts both the joys and tribulations of being the brothers of Jesus. The best news is that Jesus Christ accepts all men into His brotherhood and all men can begin today to do the one thing that distinguishes a brother of Christ: the will of the Father.

What does that mean for you? How far are you willing to go? For God’s man, the Father’s will is made easier by the Father’s love. We see that commitment to us and we find ourselves more committed. We see the sacrifice of His Son and we find ourselves more willing to give up comforts of our own. For some of us, we do not doubt that the Father’s will is best as much as we wonder how uncomfortable the best will end up being. Trusting God in your personal garden of Gethsemane will be what bonds you most deeply to His image.

Martin Luther may have spelled out what it means to do the Father’s will better than most when he observed, “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” In the end, that is the essence of doing the Father’s will — placing yourself in God’s hands right now. Then you will be like your brother Jesus.

Thank you for your dream for me Father.

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