My Thirsty Heart - Encouragement Café - January 1

My Thirsty Heart
 By Luann Prater

And being very thirsty, Samson cried out to the LORD, "You have accomplished this great deliverance through Your servant. Must I now die of thirst and fall…” Judges 15:18 NIV

It wasn’t until I witnessed his feeble fingers that I recognized my own weakness. Are you ever amazed at the way God gets our attention?  Rarely has He used a megaphone, rather it’s the gentle hum of everyday noise. Yesterday, a quick trip into the coffee shop to get my coffee fix and wifi, provided a heart connection to Sam. 

Lately, my focus resembles a kaleidoscope, beautiful pieces smashed together.  Maybe it’s just me but it seems I start with a plan, then the ringing phone, a simple text, or glance at the pile screaming NOTICE ME, derails my direction.  When night comes I’m exhausted and wondering, did I accomplish anything important? 

Can I be gut honest with you? Sometimes I want to quit.  I have a blessed life and I’ve seen God work over and over in it, yet there are days that overtake me. It’s not that God can’t handle those moments, it’s my refusal to even ask Him that allows my heart to get thirsty.

Activity, for me, seems to flow in waves, not gentle bump your knee whitecaps, but billowing,’I’m going to take you out’, surges. The culprit is usually the word, ‘sure’.  It’s my go-to answer to anyone who wants anything at any time.  At first it seems like a sweet harmless response, until it gets piled onto 2 dozen other ‘sures’ and then you realize, you’re going under.

My heart is parched, like tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth dry. In the Bible, people got weary, good people, godly people. I’ve noticed two things about those stories: in those moments, they either turn to God or they turn away. The pressures of life often tricked them into trusting their own strength. Others turned to the only One capable of relieving the pressure.

We have those same choices everyday.  Yesterday the heaviness was closing in like a tidal wave racing to shore. Then I saw him hunched over, shuffling ever so slowing toward the counter and the hum inside said, pay attention to this one.  His shaky hand struggled as he lifted an empty travel cup to the barista. His face was unshaven and rough, his clothes threadbare and loose.

Through the chatter of the crowd she struggled to hear and understand his order.  She leaned toward him, he tried to lean in but lost his balance and grabbed the counter. His voice was barely a whisper and the entire line that had formed behind me seemed irritated at this inconvenience.  She finally grasped what he wanted, a refill.  As she prompted him to pay, his gnarled fingers fumbled to find change in his pocket. The Father’s persistent nudge thrust my phone toward the scanner and just like that, the bill was paid. A bit startled, he smiled and said, “You’ve quenched my thirst. I’m Sam, thank you for noticing.” 

At that moment God showed me my life from a different perspective. On these dry thirsty days, I’m shuffling, struggling, and wondering how to get a refill. He’s already paid my debt, yet I still fumble along as if I can quench this aching thirst.

Maybe you can relate. Your life is more hectic than you can handle.  God promises life-giving refreshment. And His promises are for anyone who comes to Him thirsty, tired of trying to carry the load alone. 

Today, let’s choose to turn to Him, the only One who can quench our thirsty heart.

God wants to show you how He has helped some weak people in the Bible make it through the thirsty times. I encourage you to read some of these stories:

Samson in Judges 15; Gideon in Judges 6; Paul 1 Corinthians 1; a summary of the faithful Hebrews 11.

Lord, We say yes to more than we can handle. We struggle under the load. Forgive us for our self-reliant ways.  Today we choose to turn to You, the only One who can sustain us and quench our thirst. Thank You for daily reminders that You are waiting for us to cry out, so that You can run to our rescue. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

© 2018 by Luann Prater.  All rights reserved.

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