Cry Out - Encouragement Café - March 14

Cry Out
 By Paris Renae

“I tell you,” He replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40 NIV

When we are young, we tend to take all the creation around us, and therefore the Creator, for granted – in the busyness of adulthood – jobs, spouses, children, volunteering, extended family, and more – we lose the awe of childhood and don’t yet have the perspective of age…

I remember when I was four a small butterfly flew right up my nose.  I was so surprised that I instinctively blew hard and he came right back out. I loved everything outdoors back then. Somewhere in my twenties I lost the awe…

Now, deep sigh, I am fifty-something and for the past few years have noticed the contrast of the deep green trees against the brilliant blue sky. I’ve notice the eyelashes on the viola (seriously, look at one) and the amazing different calls of the birds…

Singing praise songs to God has become more meaningful too. To the point I rarely can sit or keep from lifting my hands.  I want to move to the music and look up to the heavens.

 My very soul is moved, and in my not very angelic voice, I belt it out when I’m alone! (In church I try to spare the person in front of me best I can…) 

God is the Creator of e v e r y t h i n g. God is the all-powerful who can change a hard heart and cure a body wrought with cancer – who can form oceans and calm storms – who can knit a babe in the womb and take a believer to His side in the end – this is the mighty God we serve!

Don’t let the rocks do your job – sing, pray, witness, cry out.  “Let the sea and everything in it shout his praise! Let the earth and all living things join in.” Psalm 98:7 NLT

Will you join me:

Notice the blue sky or the fat rain drops

Hear the bird sing or the stream rush

Sing loud and clear as you drive or as you shower

Father, let us not lose sight of Your power and Your awesomeness. Let us see with new eyes Your creation all around us and remember, You, our Creator. Quicken us to point out creation to our children or our husband – to our friend or our co-worker. Father don’t let it be said of us that the rocks had to do our job. In Jesus’ powerful and precious Name, Amen

© 2019 by Paris Renae. All rights reserved.

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