Who are You Hearing? - Ed Young Television Devotional - 7/4

Ed Young Television Devotional

Who Are You Hearing?

“When all those who had formerly known him saw him prophesying with the prophets, they asked each other, ‘What is this that has happened to the son of Kish? Is Saul also among the prophets?’ A man who lived there answered, 'And who is their father?’ So it became a saying: ‘Is Saul also among the prophets?’ 1 Samuel 10:11-12

One of the greatest fears we face is the fear of rejection. We all want to be accepted. But the thought that someone may reject us sometimes causes us to cower in the corner. Saul dealt with this fear, and he let it control his life. He continually worried about what others were saying, and he allowed the voices of others to dictate his life far too many times.

To overcome the fear of rejection, one of the biggest things we can do is refuse to listen to the voice of the wrong “they” in our lives. After all, “they” always have something to say. The question is, which “they” are you listening to? We should surround ourselves with the kind of people who point us to God’s truth rather than those who continue to point us to their own opinions. Who are you listening to?

Thank God for His truth in your life. Pray for the strength to ignore the wrong “they” in your life and to instead focus on what God has to say about you.

Make a list of the right “they” in your life. Reach out and thank them for who they are and what they mean in your life. And for a great resource about the right “they,” order Pastor Ed Young’s book, Fifty Shades of They.

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