Test Everything - Ed Young Television Devotional - 5/5

Ed Young Television Devotional

Test Everything

"Test everything; hold on to what is good." >1 Thessalonians 5:21


There’s a misconception circling throughout the world today that in order to live a life of faith, you must check your intellect at the church door. People erroneously believe that in order to follow Jesus, one must have “blind faith.” But the reality is that God never asks us to follow Him blindly. In fact, the opposite is true.

Time and time again throughout the Bible, we’re challenged to test our faith, to ask the difficult questions, and to seek the answers. Faith doesn’t have to be blind. Real faith is tested. Because a faith that has not been tested is a faith that cannot be trusted.

What questions do you have about faith in Jesus? Are you actively seeking the answers to those questions? God challenges you to do just that!


Admit to God those things that you have questions about. Pray for understanding, direction, and answers to your questions. And thank Him in advance for all He will reveal to you as you seek out those answers.


If you have questions about your faith, don’t let those questions go unanswered. Seek out wise counsel from a trusted pastor, counselor, or friend. And get the answers to the questions you are seeking.

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