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Discover the Book - November 20

The Holy Spirit in I Corinthians

Corinth was a seaport city Paul entered in Acts 18 on his 2nd journey. He ministered 2 years.

Corinth was a city in ancient Greece known as Vanity Fair. It was a city of:

  • Materialism Antagonism
  • Competition Selfishness
  • Hatred Sexual immorality

In such a place a church was born. The tragedy was that instead of the church impacting Corinth, Corinth was eroding the church!

One pastor called it ‘Reverse Evangelism". The Corinthians perverse spirit had invaded the church. The Christians were:

Carnal Worldly Indulgent

Selfish Contentious Vengeful

Proud Compromising    

They operated in the power of the flesh trying to do the work of God.

There was no spirit of humility. There was no sacrificial washing of one another's feet. Instead there was resentfulness, arguments, ostracism and exclusivists. They defrauded one another, sued one another, sexually violated one another and divorced one another!

They were an over spiritualized church with such bad attitudes and actions present.

Three Fantastic Elements of the Holy Spirit's Ministry

With that backdrop Paul introduces three fantastic elements of the Holy Spirit's ministry.

  • He wants to transform your MINDS
  • He wants to control your BODY
  • He wants to reveal your MASTER

Now, join me as we find these truths:

1.      The Holy Spirit wants to TRANSFORM your mind. I Corinthians 2:6-16

2.      The Holy Spirit wants CONTROL your body. I Corinthians 3:16-17

3. The Holy Spirit wants to REVEAL your master through you. I Corinthians 12:13.

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Originally published November 20, 2020.