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Feeling the Loneliness of Career, Temptations and Failure

David from the Bible was just a man. He had a job, a house, a family, and all the other little details of life. Though he was a King, an inspired Psalm writer, and a man after God’s own heart: he was also 100% normal human.

So as we look at the longest stretch of David’s life, the 40-year career he had as King of Israel, we come to areas that can touch our lives deeply.

Most of us will never face a ten foot tall giant—and kill them with a stone and sling. Most of us will never be famous as musicians, or have spears thrown at us, or hide in caves: but nearly all of us will do a form of monotonous, repetitive work for much of our lives.

Whether teaching school, working in health care, industry, sales, or service, most jobs are tedious, and get as tiring as the old, out of date magazines at Laundromats.

Part of the curse is that work is hard, and it takes sweat and toil to earn enough to survive.

Though David was rich, he still had to work for 40 years! In II Samuel 6 David has entered the longest and most normal part of life. Somewhere in this period is when David begins to feel a new type of loneliness from the years of unending work in his career. The Psalms of this era are very rich for our spiritual nurture

David writes of his desires to serve the Lord as he enters his career as King David over Israel. He most likely was inspired to write three Psalms in this period: Psalm 15, 24, 68 in this time.

·        Psalm 15 is the Portrait of a Godly Man

·        Psalm 24 is hymn to the Greatness of God

·        Psalm 68 is a testimony to God’s Faithful Care

A Godly Man’s Habits

Psalm 15 is to men what Proverbs 31 should be to women. There is in Psalm 15 a wonderful, changeless portrait of those blessed ones who may dwell in God’s presence. The Spirit of God gives us, through David, in verses 2-5, a marvelous description of a godly man—one who longs to be holy, as God is holy.

The following six traits identify the disciplines we should prayerfully cultivate in our lives. As we look at each one of them, be an active listener by responding, “allow, invite, welcome, and give yourself over to” the truths that impact you from each verse.

Then bow before the Lord, and let the very Word of Christ spill forth into your life, drenching you—absorbing into your soul and changing every aspect of your life—your marriage, home, life, and all!

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Originally published March 12, 2011.