Discover the Book - August 30, 2011


John the Baptist: Christ Must Increase

May I introduce you to the greatest saint who ever lived? Jesus called him that. Great saints are like giant markers that point the world to God.

ü  Abel pointed to God from the altar outside Eden, and is one of the great saints by faith, but not the greatest.
ü  Enoch pointed to God while he walked through a world so demonized and so wicked, that God had to exterminate them all.
ü  Noah stood for 120 years pointing at God as he obediently built the ark.
ü  Abraham pointed to God while he walked away from home and out into an unknown future God had promised.
ü  Joseph always pointed to God from pit to prison cell, from the greatest office of Egypt, until he went to his grave, Joseph points to the Lord.
ü  Moses pointed three million people to God and his faced glowed as he did so.
ü  David pointed at God from the quiet flocks on the hillsides, to lonely caves where he hid for his life, to the royal courts of the greatest kingdom on earth.
ü  Elijah pointed to God while the religious establishment danced to the devil.
ü  Daniel and his friends pointed at God while their world went up in flames around them, and his life was thrown to the lions.

But no saint more fully or greatly pointed to God then when a simple man dressed like a peasant, after a lifetime of discipline and self denial thundered from the wilderness, "It’s time to look at Jesus!"

The greatest saint greater than Abel, Noah and Job was John the Baptizer.

The greatest prophet greater than Enoch, Moses, Samuel, Elijah or Jeremiah was John the Baptizer.

John was greater than Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Joseph; greater than David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Josiah, Daniel, Ezra or Nehemiah.

John the Baptizer was greater than any of the pagan kings, mighty emperors, renowned philosophers, or feared military leaders of every nation in history up to 27 AD. But what makes a person great?

John the Baptist was humble.

•    He was humble because he closed his heart to self-seeking.
•    He was humble because he opened his eyes to Christ,
•    He was humble because he closed his mouth to complaining.
•    He was humble because he opened his life as a ministry to others.
•    He was humble because he opened his heart to spend much time in prayer.
•    He was humble because he opened his will to God's.
•    He was humble because he opened his mouth to praise.

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Originally published August 30, 2011.