You Can Provide Clean Water to Persecuted Christians

Devotional For Dieters 6/3

Jun 03, 2023

June 3

Psalm 71:5
For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth.

A friend of mine slipped into a well when he was a child, and all he remembers of the experience was praying to God and awaiting rescue. He recounts how he felt no fear because he knew God would get him out of his trouble. He placed his hope in the Lord, and he was not disappointed. Being overweight can sometimes feel like being in the bottom of a deep, dark well, with no way out. But we do have a way out. The Lord is a lifeline and a Savior indeed. If we will place our trust in Him, He will be faithful to lift us out of the dark places and set us fully in the light.

Today's thought: Lift me from my well of obesity!