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Daily Strength for Daily Needs - January 19

January 19


Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord.--PS. cv. 3.
The joy of the Lord is your strength.--NEH. viii. 10.

  Be Thou my Sun, my selfishness destroy,
  Thy atmosphere of Love be all my joy;
  Thy Presence be my sunshine ever bright,
  My soul the little mote that lives but in Thy light.

I do not know when I have had happier times in my soul, than when I have been sitting at work, with nothing before me but a candle and a white cloth, and hearing no sound but that of my own breath, with God in my soul and heaven in my eye... I rejoice in being exactly what I am,--a creature capable of loving God, and who, as long as God lives, must be happy. I get up and look for a while out of the window, and gaze at the moon and stars, the work of an Almighty hand. I think of the grandeur of the universe, and then sit down, and think myself one of the happiest beings in it.

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