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Daily Strength for Daily Needs - April 2

April 2

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?--I COR. iii. 16. 

 Father! replenish with Thy grace
    This longing heart of mine;
  Make it Thy quiet dwelling-place,
    Thy sacred inmost shrine!

Not man's manifold labors, but his manifold cares, hinder the presence of God. Whatsoever thou doest, hush thyself to thine own feverish vanities, and busy thoughts, and cares; in silence seek thy Father's face, and the light of His countenance will stream down upon thee. He will make a secret cell in thine heart, and when thou enterest there, there shalt thou find Him. And if thou hast found Him there, all around shall reflect Him, all shall speak to Him, and He will speak through all. Outwardly thou mayest be doing the work of thy calling; inwardly if thou commend thy work to God, thou mayest be with Him in the third Heaven.

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