Daily Journey - November 5

  • 2021 5 Nov

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November 5

Jeremiah 29:24-32; Hebrews 5

Thought from Today's Old Testament Passage:

Chapter 30— The sermon which we have in this and the following chapter is of a very different complexion from all those before. The prophet does indeed, by direction from God, change his voice. Most of what he had said hitherto was by way of reproof and threatening; but these two chapters are wholly taken up with precious promises of a return out of captivity, and that typical of the glorious things reserved for the church in the days of the Messiah. The prophet is told not only to preach this, but to write it, because it is intended for the comfort of the generation to come (v. 1-3). It is here promised, I. That they should hereafter have a joyful restoration. 1. Though they were now in a great deal of pain and terror (v. 4-7). 2. Though their oppressors were very strong (v. 8-10). 3. Though a full end was made of other nations, and they were not restored (v. 11). 4. Though all means of their deliverance seemed to fail and be cut off (v. 12-14). 5. Though God himself had sent them into captivity, and justly, for their sins (v. 15, 16). 6. Though all about them looked upon their case as desperate (v. 17). II. That after their joyful restoration they should have a happy settlement, that their city should be rebuilt (v. 18), their numbers increased (v. 19, 20), their government established (v. 21), God's covenant with them renewed (v. 22), and their enemies destroyed and cut off (v. 23, 24).

Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers) 1997.

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