Daily Journey - June 8

  • 2022 8 Jun

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June 8

1 Chronicles 26; Luke 20:27-47

Thought From Today’s Old Testament Passage:

[1 Chron. 26] It is interesting in this section to note… how long men had looked forward to building the Temple. In the statement that the dedicated treasure was in the care of Shelomoth, some is specified as set apart by Samuel, some by Saul, some by Abner, and some by Joab. In giving to Solomon the charge to build David had spoken of the treasure he had gathered and said, “Thou mayest add thereto.” Now it appears that others before himself also had made contributions to the great whole.

These facts are suggestive and helpful. None of us can ever do a complete thing for God. All His works are too great. Nothing we touch is other than a piece of work begun and dropped ere the weary hands had completed their task. And, in turn, nothing we take up can we complete. But there are always others coming on who will continue the toil, for God’s work must be done. Let us count it greatest honor to have touched the work at all, and be content to have put in one day’s work thereon between morning and sunset.

(G. Campbell Morgan, An Exposition of the Whole Bible (Fleming H. Revell Company, Westwood, NJ, MCMLIX), page 168)

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